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Zulip Server 2.0.3 bug fix release

Tim Abbott 2 min read

We released Zulip Server 2.0.3 today. This is a bug fix release, containing a few dozen cherry-picked changes since Zulip 2.0.2.

What’s new

This releases fixes a few important bugs in Zulip 2.0.2. It contains the following changes:

  • Added documentation for upgrading the underlying OS version.
  • Made uwsgi buffer size configurable (relevant for sites putting Zulip behind a proxy that adds many HTTP headers).
  • Fixed loss of LaTeX syntax inside quote-and-reply.
  • Fixed virtualenv-related bug when upgrading Zulip when the system virtualenv package is 16.0.0 or newer (no supported platform has such a version by default, but one can install it manually).
  • Fixed query_ldap test tool (broken in 2.0.2).
  • Fixed several bugs in new backup and restore tools.
  • Fixed minor bugs with Youtube previews.


We recommend upgrading to this latest release. See the upgrade instructions in the Zulip documentation.

If you’re upgrading from 2.0.x, then the code changes are small and there are no migrations or dependency changes, so the risk of unexpected disruption is low. If you’re upgrading from an older version, we recommend upgrading directly to 2.0.3.

If you need help, best-effort support is available on, the Zulip community chat server.

Ubuntu Trusty End of Life

As a reminder, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty has reached End Of Life, and is no longer supported by Ubuntu. If you are using Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty, we highly recommend upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial. Our new documentation for upgrading the underlying OS version is an essential tool for doing so without issues.


We love feedback from the Zulip user community. Here are a few ways you can connect:

-Tim Abbott