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Zulip Responds to the Pandemic with 60-Day Free Trial

Zulip Responds to the Pandemic with 60-Day Free Trial. Zulip helps distributed teams and communities increase productivity and communicate more effectively.

Trent Lapinski 3 min read

Zulip helps distributed teams and communities increase productivity and communicate more effectively.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – May 27, 2020 – Zulip, the open-source distributed team communication platform, today announced unlimited usage of its team chat solution free for 60 days for new users, to help everyone who is now required to work from home due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Zulip’s threaded conversations help thousands of companies, open-source projects and nonprofits stay organized, seamlessly melding asynchronous and real-time communication.

“No organization should be stuck with collaboration tools chosen before the pandemic that aren’t designed for truly distributed work,” said Tim Abbott, Founder of Zulip. “As a distributed open-source project with hundreds of worldwide contributors, we have been living and breathing distributed work for years, but never imagined a scenario where it was suddenly forced upon everyone. We are doing our small part in this global crisis, ensuring Zulip is an option for all organizations, no matter how the pandemic has affected their budget.”

With apps for every platform, Zulip’s fully threaded approach to team chat makes it easy for developers, designers, managers, and researchers to focus while staying informed and connected. Zulip is 100% open-source software, so anyone can install their own Zulip server free of charge. With the new Zulip Cloud 60-day free trial, new users get all the benefits of the paid version of Zulip Cloud upfront without limitations. After your free trial concludes, Zulip Cloud costs $6.67 per user per month, or you can continue with the free tier which limits search history and storage.

Sign up for free at to start your free trial today. Zulip offers data imports from existing communication solutions, so you can bring your existing data with you. Cancel anytime; no credit card required to redeem free trial.

Zulip Cloud offers free hosting for hundreds of noncommercial organizations, including open-source projects, academic research groups, and nonprofits. Organizations can contact to apply for free or discounted hosting.

For more information on how to get involved with the Zulip open-source community, please see

About Zulip

Zulip is developed by Kandra Labs, Inc., a startup with headquarters in San Francisco, California, as well as over a thousand open-source contributors from around the world.

Zulip was originally developed by Tim Abbott and fellow alumni of Ksplice, the original Linux rebootless update service which was acquired by Oracle. The first Zulip startup was acquired by Dropbox in early 2014 while the product was still in private beta. Despite Dropbox not continuing the development of this beta, Zulip’s users stayed with the product because they loved its unique user experience. In late 2015, Dropbox generously released Zulip as open-source software.

In 2016, Tim Abbott founded Kandra Labs to sustain and grow Zulip’s ongoing development. Zulip has continued to grow and is now used by thousands of organizations globally. Kandra Labs is a values-focused company, funded by its founder and about $1M in SBIR grants from the US National Science Foundation.

September, 2020 Update: We extended the trial offer indefinitely, and removed the credit card requirement.

April 1, 2021 Update: We have ended the free trial program. You can still try out Zulip for free by signing up for the Free plan. Ongoing trials will not be affected.