Zulip year in review β€” stats, top emoji, and more

Alya Abbott β€’ 2 min read

As we head into the new year, we want to share some fun facts and highlights from 2022.

Sending and receiving πŸ’¬

We often hear that Zulip helps keep everyone in the loop, and in 2022, Zulip Cloud users sent more messages to public streams than anywhere else.

Stream messages were read an average of 11 times.

About 3% of messages earned a reaction, with the top 5 emoji reactions of 2022 being (in order):

πŸ‘ πŸŽ‰ ❀️ πŸ™ 🀣

Most underused Zulip features πŸ‘€

Here are the most underused Zulip features of 2022 you might want to check out this year:

  1. Custom profile fields: Used by 15% of active organizations to help users share their information, such as pronouns, GitHub username, job title, team, and more.

  1. Pinned streams: Only 7% of users take advantage of this feature to organize their streams.

  1. Linkifiers: Used by just 5% of active organizations to make it easy to refer to issues or tickets in third party issue trackers, like GitHub, Salesforce, Zendesk, and others.

A vibrant open source community 🌍

A total of 163 people contributed 5815 commits to Zulip in 2022, bringing the project to over 1150 distinct code contributors.

Our community translators translated 657 thousand words in December alone, for a total of 27 languages with translations that cover most of the text in the Zulip apps.

Zulip giving back πŸ’™

We sponsored free Zulip Cloud Standard hosting for over 1000 open-source projects, non-profits, educational institutions, and academic research groups in 2022.

29% of sponsored open-source projects take advantage of Zulip’s new public access option to open parts of their community to the world.

Parting thoughts πŸ‘‹

We love hearing from our user community. Please reach out via our usual support channels or in the Zulip development community to report bugs, propose new features, or simply share your Zulip story.

Happy New Year from all of us at Zulip!