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Zulip Server 6.1 bug fix release

Alex Vandiver 3 min read

We released Zulip Server 6.1 today! This is a bugfix release, containing cherry-picked changes since Zulip Server 6.0.


We recommend that all installations upgrade to this new release. See the upgrade instructions in the Zulip documentation. If you need help, best-effort support is available on

Notable changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the web app to not load on Safari 13 and lower; affected users would only see a blank page.
  • Recent conversations now displays the “Participants” column for private messages too.
  • Fixed minor bugs in “Recent conversations” focus and re-rendering.
  • Fixed bugs that caused some unicode emoji to be incorrectly unavailable.
  • Fixed subtle display bugs rendering the left sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug causing the message feed to briefly show a “no matching messages” notice while loading.
  • Fixed a double escaping display bug when displaying user names in an error notice.
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when displaying user cards if the current user has an invalid timezone configured.
  • Fixed a subtle interaction bug with the compose box preview widget.
  • Added a workaround for a bug in Chromium affecting older versions of the Zulip desktop app that would cause horizontal lines to appear between messages.
  • Stopped clipping the tops of tall characters in stream and topic names.
  • Use internationalized form of “at” in message timestamps.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed the “custom” value for the “delay before sending message notification emails” setting.
  • Fixed an error which prevented users from changing stream-specific notification settings.
  • Fixed the redirect from /apps to
  • Started preserving timezone information in Rocket.Chat imports.
  • Updated the Intercom integration to return success on HEAD requests, which it uses to verify its configuration.
  • Documented how each rate limit category is used.
  • Documented the reset_authentication_attempt_count command for when users lock themselves out.
  • Documented the full S3 bucket policy for avatar and uploads buckets.
  • Clarified what the --email value passed to the installer will be used for.
  • Hid harmless “non-existent database” warnings during initial installation.
  • Forced a known locale when upgrading PostgreSQL, which avoids errors when using some terminal applications.
  • Verified that PostgreSQL was running after upgrading it, in case a previous try at an upgrade left it stopped.
  • Updated custom emoji migration 0376 to be a single SQL statement, and no longer crash when no active owners were found.
  • Replaced transifex-client internationalization library with new transifex-cli.
  • Began respecting proxy settings when installing shellcheck and shfmt tools.
  • Fixed the invitation code to signal a user data validation error, and not a server error, if an invalid “invite as” value was given.
  • Renamed internal exceptions to end with Error.


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