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Zulip Server 8.2 bug fix release

Tim Abbott 2 min read

We released Zulip Server 8.2 today! This is a bug fix release, containing cherry-picked changes since Zulip Server 8.1.


We recommend that all installations upgrade to this new release. See the upgrade instructions in the Zulip documentation. If you need help, best-effort support is available on

Notable changes

  • Fixed an error reporting bug that caused an email to be sent to the server administrator each time that the server had a failed attempt to send a mobile push notification. This bug could cause a lot of error emails on servers that are registered with the Mobile Push Notification Service, but are not signed up for a plan that includes access to this service, or not uploading basic metadata required to verify eligibility for free access to the service.
  • Fixed several scroll position bugs encountered when entering a conversation view, most importantly when opening a direct message conversation.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the organization settings UI.
  • Improved rate-limiting logic to avoid errors when loading the app for some users.
  • Adjusted memory usage configuration to reduce memory usage to avoid OOM kills on systems with close to 4 GiB of RAM, and require less tuning for larger systems.
  • Upgraded dependencies.
  • Updated translations.


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