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Zulip Server 8.4 bug fix release

Alex Vandiver 2 min read

We released Zulip Server 8.4 today! This is a bug fix release, containing cherry-picked changes since Zulip Server 8.3.


We recommend that all installations upgrade to this new release. See the upgrade instructions in the Zulip documentation. If you need help, best-effort support is available on

Notable changes

  • Notably improved the performance of several common API endpoints.
  • Fixed a regression in 8.3 which caused server errors when trying to view message edit history, for messages that had been moved after having previously edited or moved.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the missed-message email worker.
  • Improved documentation and support for running the PostgreSQL service on a separate server.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL streaming replication without wal-g or S3 backups.
  • Added support for including warm-standby remote PostgreSQL servers in the PostgreSQL server list.
  • Started always installing the version of postgresql-client which matches the PostgreSQL server’s version.
  • Increased the visual prominence of reactions you have added/upvoted.
  • The ‘default’ topic visibility icon is no longer displayed in the inbox view, for a cleaner look.
  • Fixed confusing wording in the Alertmanager integration.
  • Started allowing DMs to bots and to oneself, regardless if DMs are in general restricted.
  • Notices indicating that “push notifications are not working” are now considerably more robust to temporary networking failures reaching the mobile push notifications service.
  • Improved startup time of Zulip services by only performing configuration checks once, rather than in every service at startup.
  • Improved how timeouts function in potentially long-running requests.
  • Added checks that ./ register_server --rotate-key can edit the secrets file before rotating the secret.
  • Fixed sorting of “invited by” column in the invitations settings panel.
  • Fixed several non-exploitable HTML injection bugs.
  • Fixed a bug when “Direct messages” are collapsed in the left sidebar, which could cause a DM conversation to be incorrectly highlighted after navigating to a different conversation.
  • Upgraded Python dependencies.
  • Updated translations.


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